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Doggy Daycare

What is it?

Doggy Daycare involves supervised physical activity between canines in a playful manner. Daycare operates through the day, and is constantly supervised by employees. It can include play with other canines and staff, periods of rest, lots of love, snuggles, tummy rubs, mental stimulation, feedings, and playing with toys.


  • Fun and Loving Environment

  • Exercise along with Naps

  • Learning Beneficial Behaviours

  • Safe Socialization and Interactions

  • Physical and Mental Stimulation

  • Meeting New Friends

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We Provide:

  • Staff who are dog lovers with many years of experience.

  • Staff trained and educated in dog behaviour and basic training techniques. 

  • Staff certified in Pet First Aid.

  • Over 1800 square feet of space indoors.

  • 2600 square feet, full privacy, outdoor backyard.

  • 900 square feet, full privacy, outdoor side yard

  • 7 foot 6 inch tall sheeted metal fencing, dug down 6 inches

  • Clean, sturdy, sanitary polyaspartic coated flooring inside, with several comfy zones and elevated cots.

  • Artificial grass (durapet turf) outdoors to reduce injuries and provide comfort on paws and joints.

  • Turf that has bio-enzymatic pet friendly sand underneath to eliminate odours and improve sanitation. 

  • A sturdy 12 foot x 10 foot outdoor gazebo for shade.

  • Pet and environmentally friendly cleaners/disinfectants.

  • Enclosures for separating those who need it, and for slow introductions.

  • An industrial heater.

  • Air ventilation and exhaust system.

  • A variety of durable toys, dog beds/cots, mats and blankets, several water dishes and also kiddy-pools for the summer.

Come rain, snow or shine, you can be rest assured your dog is safe, cozy, comfortable. Pups can enjoy daycare in the most suitable and safest manner here!

Rules and Regulations:

    1. Must be at least four (4) months old to attend the Daycare, or have their last set of puppy vaccinations.

    2. Must have up-to-date vaccinations for DHP, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough).

    3. Any condition that could jeopardize the health or well being of other dogs (ie: a communicable ailment or illness) will require a veterinarian certificate of clean health prior to return.

    4. We highly recommend you maintain a flea/tick/lice preventative care program for your dog attending daycare.

    5. Dog must NOT show aggressive behaviour toward other dogs or people when unprovoked, or collar handling. 

    6. Dogs entering and exiting the Daycare must be on a leash or carried, and controlled by their owner or designate at all times.

    7. The Business reserves the right to refuse enrollment and/or access to the facility to any dog at any time for any reason. 

    8. Intact male dogs older than seven months will not be permitted to daycare, or may have daycare suspended until neutering occurs. Intact female dogs older than ten months, will not be permitted to daycare, or may have daycare suspended until spayed. Females may have daycare temporarily suspended if signs are leading up to her heat cycle, or she is currently on her heat cycle.  

    9. Clients must be familiarized with the Cancellation and No-Show policies

    10. In the event of a dispute between dogs, any instigating dog, deemed by the staff of Sam's Puppy Playhouse, that causes bodily harm to another dog requiring the injured dog to seek veterinarian attention, the owner of such instigator dog will be liable to pay any vet expenses incurred to the injured animal(s). In the event that an instigator dog is not identified, each pet owner will be equally responsible for any and all vet expenses related towards their own dog(s) involved in the incident.


   1. Complete Application - Click appropriate link, Download, Fill in, Email to us (or pick up a hard copy at our daycare). Laptops are accessible to Fill in Online, then Email to us. We can Print it for you. 

   2. Read, Sign and initial all of the Application: Pet Care Agreement form, Late Rate policy, Owner Release form, and Medical Release form (if unable to online, we can receive signatures and initials in person upon the first day). 

   3. Booking Your First Day - Send us the application and vet certificate with expiration dates ahead of time by email or in person. Upon satisfactory completion of the required paperwork, we arrange a date that works best for everyone. We usually aim for a half day at the half day rate. For the actual day of Daycare, you guide your pup into the meet and greet section, and you are free to go do what you need to. We evaluate your dog’s ability to interact with us humans as well as other dogs in a safe and appropriate manner in a slow and controlled meet and greet section prior to the main play zone. The purpose is to assess your dog’s potential for aggressive or overly intense behaviour while determining the current level of social development to ensure that it will be a fit in our Daycare environment, and so it does not pose danger to itself or others. We will text or call with an update to ease your mind. 

Daycare is Currently at Full Capacity so May Be Unable to Accept New Clients at This Time

Please click below for the Appropriate Daycare Application / Waiver. Fill in, Email to us, we can Print. (Laptop is compatible for filling in online)
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Reservation, Cancellation, Drop-in

ReservationsCall, text or email. Book as far in advance as possible so we can try claim your pup a spot. For regulars, if you pay in advance or purchase a punchpass, it makes the booking process, as well as subsequent drop-off and pick-up a much quicker and easier process. For new clients, payment isn't required until pick up on your first day. Application is above, and on the home page, for downloading and filling in ahead of time. For proof of vaccinations, a photo of the vet certificate or latest receipt works well. You must book ahead of time so we can plan for your pup and pick a day that works best for everyone. Once you are in the system, and we know your pup integrates well, it is easier to accommodate you in the event you need us last minute for a drop-in, but we can't guarantee a spot if we don't have enough notice or enough space that day.

Drop-Ins: For clients who are already in the system, we will try our best to fit you in if we have the space that day, but can't guarantee it as capacity limits are set to keep everyone safe. If it is an emergency scenario, let us know.

But for new clients, or those visiting from out of town, in the event you need us, we can't guarantee availability if you did not give us enough notice in advance. We have a dog-human ratio for safety protocols and hope you understand that if we are at capacity, we must say no. If we do have space, we require you to fill in the visiting form (located above) and email it to us with proof of vaccines before your pup can be admitted. If you do plan to come more than once, please fill in the regular application instead. 

*We recommend calling in advance. We can't guarantee we will have room*

Reservations, Cancellations, Drop-Ins

Cancellations and No-Shows: Let us know ahead of time if your canine will NOT be attending: 

* By phone (403-715-5259), by e-mail (, or by Facebook Messenger

  • At least TWELVE HOURS BEFORE your reservation, to avoid a charge.

  • LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS before your reservation, there is likely a charge if we are unable to fill your spot with a dog on the cancellation list

  • If you do not show up for your reserved day, and did not let us know by the time you are expected to arrive, you may be charged the amount of your reservation, and may be denied future bookings. 

  • Daycare may be suspended if payment for a no-show is due, or you commonly no-show. If your dog is on a specific schedule and you have too many no-shows, you will not be guaranteed your claimed spot. 

*Circumstances out of your control can be discussed, and it will be up to our discretion whether those reasons can save you the fee. We know the extra fees sounds harsh, but we hate disappointing dogs that want to come play but can’t because we are anticipating to be full. So please, if you have scheduled your dog and they can no longer make it, please just let us know so we can let another dog come in their place. The other dog will thank you for it!*

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