Doggy Daycare


- Fun and Loving Environment

- Exercise along with Naps

- Learning Beneficial Behaviours

- Safe Socialization and Interactions

- Physical and Mental Stimulation

- Meeting New Friends


   1. Complete Application - Click appropriate link on the Home page, Download, Print, and complete an application, or pick one up at our daycare located at 230 12C Street North, Lethbridge, Alberta.

   2. Read and Sign all of the Application: Pet Care Agreement form, Late Rate policy, Owner Release form, and Medical Release form.

   3. Booking Your Appointment/Interview and Evaluation - Upon satisfactory completion of the required paperwork, you book an appointment, and we determine whether a scheduled interview will be conducted with the pet and pet owner prior to arrival. For the actual day of Daycare, you drop-off paperwork, show proof of vaccinations with a certificate, we guide your pup into the meet and greet section, and you are free to go do what you need to. We will evaluate your dog’s ability to interact with us humans as well as other dogs in a safe and appropriate manner in a slow and controlled meet and greet section prior to the main play zone. The purpose is to assess your dog’s potential for aggressive or overly intense behaviour while determining the current level of social development to ensure that it will be a fit in our Daycare environment, and so it does not pose danger to itself or others.

Rules and Regulations:


Please read below to ensure you follow the rules before bringing in your pup so we can ensure the safety of all canines, including your own. Thank you.


    1. All dogs must be at least four (4) months old to attend the Daycare, or have their last set of puppy vaccinations.

    2. All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations for DHP, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough).

    3. Any condition that could jeopardize the health or well being of other dogs (ie: a communicable ailment or illness) will require a veterinarian certificate of clean health prior to return.

    4. Although not mandatory, we recommend you maintain a flea/tick/lice preventative care program for dogs attending daycare.

    5. Dog must NOT show aggressive behaviour toward other dogs or people when unprovoked.

    6. Dogs entering and exiting the Daycare must be on a leash or carried, and controlled by their owner or designate at all times.

    7. The Business reserves the right to refuse enrollment and/or access to the facility to any dog at any time for any reason.

    8. New intact male dogs will not be permitted to daycare if seven months old or older, until neutering occurs. Current intact males under our old policy, may have daycare suspended or revoked if behaviours become unsuitable for daycare. Female dogs will not be permitted to attend their scheduled daycare if behavioural signs are leading up to her heat cycle, or she is currently on her heat cycle.  

    9. If a client has a reservation and doesn't show up, or must cancel, they must notify us by phone (in a voice mail if calling after hours) or email within twelve hours of expected drop-off, or they may be charged a fee.

    10. In the event of a dispute between dogs, any instigating dog, deemed by the staff of Sam's Puppy Playhouse, that causes bodily harm to another dog requiring the injured dog to seek veterinarian attention, the owner of such instigator dog will be liable to pay any vet expenses incurred to the injured animal(s). In the event that an instigator dog is not identified, each pet owner will be equally responsible for any and all vet expenses related towards their own dog(s) involved in the incident.

You are welcome to visit our facility, and we would love to answer your questions.


We pride ourselves on great service at a very reasonable price.


“I know what it's like to be busy with everything life gives you in a day. I also know what it's like to have a furry family member who has needs that are juggled with the busy levels of life. I wanted to provide a safe place during the day where your fur-baby can feel at home while being away from home.”

"I've had a desire to help animals all my life, and an intuition with them that isn't really explainable. A wise woman sent me in the right direction so I could utilize my gifts and my education. So here I am to help as many canines (and their people) as I can."

Owner: Samantha Hart – University of Lethbridge B.Sc. & International College of Canine Studies CCMT & "Walks 'n' Wags" Pet First Aid Certified.


Feel free to browse the site for more of our information and we hope to meet you and your pup(s) soon!


230 12C Street North 

Lethbridge, Alberta, T1H 2M7


Phone: 403-715-5259




Closed Statutory Holidays​


Mon/Tues/Fri: 2pm-4pm

Weds/Thurs: 9am-4pm

Saturdays by Appointment

Closed Statutory Holidays

(hours subject to change based on Daycare productivity)


 $ For payments, we keep our rates low by accepting cash or e-transfer $

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