Reservation, Cancellation, Drop-in

Reservations: If it is your first visit we ask that you book well in advance. Please feel free to call, text or email. It's recommended you book at least 48 hours in advance of opening hours so as to make it easier for when you come, and so we can guarantee your pup a spot. This way, if you book ahead we can give you the best rate, and if you come in once to pay for a punch pass, it makes the subsequent drop-off and pick-up a much quicker and easier process for everyone. Our application is on the home page for downloading and filling in ahead of time. If you plan to come more than once, fill in the reoccurring client form. For proof of vaccinations we ask you bring their vet records with certificate of up-to-date vaccines. For new and current clients, as we increase our client numbers, it is more important to give us as much notice of your arrival as possible so we can plan ahead for proper human-to-dog ratios so everyone stays safe while having fun. Once you are in the system, and we know your pup integrates well, it is easier to accommodate you in the event you need us last minute for a drop-in, but we prefer a 24 hour notice ahead of time if possible in the event we aren't able to accommodate your pup.  

Drop-Ins: We do accept drop-ins for current clients under certain circumstances. This pertains to clients who are already in the system since we know how your pup integrates already. But for new clients, or those visiting from out of town, in the event you need us, we can't guarantee availability if you did not give us notice at least 24 hours in advance, but we do our best to get you in if we can. We do require you to fill in the drop-in form (on the Home page) before your pup can be admitted. If you do plan to come more than once, please fill in the reoccurring client form instead. 


*We always recommend calling in advance because we can't always guarantee we will have room, but we will try our best to fit you in if we can*


**In the event you come for a drop-in and your canine is not suitable to socialize with everyone else, you will be notified and we will use our discretion to separate them into their own area accordingly until you are able to pick them up**

Reservations, Cancellations, Drop-Ins

Cancellations and No-Shows: When you reserve a spot for your dog at Daycare or for Massage, it is your responsibility to let us know if your canine will NOT be attending (in order for us to accommodate those who are waiting for a spot).

  • If you let us know either by phone (403-715-5259) or by e-mail ( before 6:00 p.m. on the business day BEFORE your reservation there will be no charge.

  • If you let us know either by phone (in a voice mail) or by e-mail at least TWELVE HOURS BEFORE the scheduled drop off time for your reservation, there may not be a charge.

  • If you let us know either by phone or by e-mail LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS before your reservation, and we are able to fill your spot with a dog on the waiting list, there may still be a charge, however if we are unable to fill your spot with a dog on the waiting list, you may be charged the full amount of your reservation (i.e. Daycare: $20 for a half day and $30 for a full day, or use a day off your Punchpass. For Canine Massage: The $ previously arranged may be charged).

  • If you do not show up for your reserved day, and did not let us know by the time you are expected to arrive, you will be charged the amount of your reservation. 

  • Daycare may be suspended if payment for a no-show is due, or you commonly no-show. If your dog is on a specific schedule and you have too many no-shows, you may not be guaranteed your spot anymore. 


Note: If there is no waiting list, there may still be a charge, regardless of when you notify to cancel.


*We know the extra fees sounds harsh, but we hate disappointing dogs that want to come play or get massaged but can’t because we are anticipating to be full. So please, if you have scheduled your dog and they can no longer make it, please just let us know so we can let another dog come in their place. The other dog will thank you for it!*

You are welcome to visit our facility, and we would love to answer your questions.


We pride ourselves on great service at a very reasonable price.


“I know what it's like to be busy with everything life gives you in a day. I also know what it's like to have a furry family member who has needs that are juggled with the busy levels of life. I wanted to provide a safe place during the day where your fur-baby can feel at home while being away from home.”

"I've had a desire to help animals all my life, and an intuition with them that isn't really explainable. A wise woman sent me in the right direction so I could utilize my gifts and my education. So here I am to help as many canines (and their people) as I can."

Owner: Samantha Hart – University of Lethbridge B.Sc. & International College of Canine Studies CCMT & "Walks 'n' Wags" Pet First Aid Certified.


Feel free to browse the site for more of our information and we hope to meet you and your pup(s) soon!


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Closed Statutory Holidays

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