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Meet the Staff

Owner/Operator: Samantha (Sam) Hart

Dog Coworkers: Aero, Asher, Ellie, Noka, Chloe, Radar, Gizmo

Employees: Kailyn P., Nicole S., Megan T.,

Samuel V., Jubilee S., Aleutia G., Rylee K.

Volunteers: Nik, Dale, Addy

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A story about Sam: Working in the pet industry since 2008, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2013, she is happy to be anywhere the animals are. Her Bachelor's degree emphasized on Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology; more specifically Animal Psychology. She also took a Business course, and then she became certified in Canine Massage Therapy because she always desired to help animals, and that was the perfect route. To be able to own and operate her own Doggy Daycare and Canine Massage Therapy business where she could work with animals, help animals, and educate people at the same time, is what she's wanted to do her entire life. She even became certified in Pet First Aid! She may be small in size, but don't underestimate this young woman's strength, knowledge, or skills. Whether small pups or large ones, she has plenty of love and lessons for them all! In her spare time, Sam tends to her geckos and her bunny, and loves to be outside with her pup, Aero. She loves to be with her husband and cozy up on the couch, go outdoors and do something active, or travel to wherever they can and have any sort of adventure together. 






A tale about Aero: This handsome "non-husky Husky" has been raised by his "mom" Sam since he was only 2 months old. He loves long walks outdoors, gliding in the snow, and chest scratches. He was born in the spring of 2012 and has a huge passion for giving low fives. Being one of our older mentors for the pups, he helps them learn how to properly socialize and communicate in doggy language. He has helped rehabilitate a few pups who came to us with a developed fear for large breeds after having negative experiences before. As much as his tall and lanky stature, or louder vocals to say hi might intimidate some, his soft side usually wins them over. He's an awkward guy sometimes, but has the best fluffy fur for dogs to snuggle during nap time. 

A clip about Kailyn: After working in Pet retail for 10 years Kailyn made the switch to Doggy Daycare in May of 2018. Asher, her canine companion loves to come to work with her and enjoys his role as "Honorary Den Father" to the new pups. During the Summer Kailyn loves to garden or go to the family cabin. She is certified in pet first aid, and in February of 2023 she became a certified Canine Hydrotherapist and switched to full time at Chinook Canine Rehab. Daycare has collaborated a partnership with Rehab to allow our dogs access to their hydrotherapy, and Kailyn not only transports daycare dogs to the pool and back, she keeps them safe while they swim, and is still part of our team. 

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A note about Nicole: She attends University and has the desire to become a Speech Pathologist. She loves dog sitting her "niece" Ellie, and being with us at the doggy daycare. She started with us as a part time volunteer in the summer of 2017, and is our longest residing staff. She became an official employee in June of 2019, and is certified in pet first aid. A fun fact about Nicole is that she can speak three languages. Her first language is English, second is French, and third is Spanish. She also does not like mushrooms, mostly because she is allergic to them, but she definitely loves baked goods and sour candies.    

A monologue for Megan: She has been in love with animals since she could walk. She has become SPCA approved so she can work with wildlife. She is one of only two people in Lethbridge who are SPCA certified. She has a passion for protecting those that don't have a voice. She joined our team in June of 2019, has become certified in pet first aid, and is earning certificates in canine training. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her zoo of animals (including 2 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle, and fish). If she's not with her animals, she is dirt biking, or spending time with family and friends. 

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A snippet about Samuel: He enjoys swimming, reading, video games, and animals. Working with animals when he is older, is his goal. Ideally, he would like to open a no-kill animal rescue. He is certified in canine first aid, and currently learning grooming and training methods. He took care of several farm cats when younger, and always found animals to be a calming presence. At home he has a toy Manchester Terrier named Radar, and a Chihuahua rescue named Gizmo. He joined our team as a volunteer in 2020, and became an official employee by November of 2021.

The gist about Jubilee: She loves her Great Danes, and her family has had one for most of her life. The newest addition is named Poncho. Jubilee attends the University in the education program, and would love to teach elementary school in the future. She is really into music and used to sing in choir and perform musicals in high school. She loves the outdoors and camping. Jubilee started working for us in September of 2021. 

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All about Aleutia: She played rugby for the University Pronghorns, and loves to be active with hiking, swimming, walking, etc. Enjoying the outdoors is a big passion of hers. She loves to eat sushi, and her favourite colour is purple. Hanging out with her dogs is always a great time. Future aspirations include becoming a flight attendant, and working with dogs of course. Aleutia happily joined our team as of January 2023, and became certified in pet first aid shortly after. 

A rendition of Rylee: 


A note about Nik: He loves to hang out with dogs, play on his PS4, and be outside in the backyard. He wants to work with dogs in his future career and enjoys being around them. Swimming, video games, and being on the computer are some of his other favourite activities. He joined our team as a volunteer in November of 2017. Nik enjoys learning about all sorts of dog behaviours, and is the designated dog snuggler. 

A dialogue about Dale: He is currently a student eager on completing his high school diploma. He would love to join the army in the infantry for his future career. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV and playing video games or sleeping. He enjoys cooking and making food, as well as anything to do with engineering. He joined our team as a volunteer in December of 2021, and loves learning as much as he can.




An anecdote about Addy: She is our youngest volunteer recruit and most definitely loves dogs. She is a soft spoken, gentle soul and the dogs love seeking pets from her. Though small, she can hold her own and loves her big hugs from some of our tallest pups at daycare. She joined the team in February of 2022. 

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