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Canine Massage Therapy

Our Canine Massage Therapist is a certified animal health professional who has knowledge of animal behaviour, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and deep tissue massage techniques. These skills are used to improve a dog's physical and mental well-being.

For Massage Therapy we provide:

  • A separate location from daycare, quiet and distraction free for full body massages

  • A comfortable temperature for your pup, new linen for each pup over a comfy massage station positioned for the convenience of your pup's height. A non-slip mat is available.

  • Mini express daycare massage for those needing a quick fix

We offer:

  • Injury recovery and prevention

  • Regular maintenance

  • Luxury treatment

*First three pages of the Massage Forms are crucial to be filled in ahead of time so it can speed up the process and allow the Canine Massage Therapist to determine if there are any contraindications she must be aware of prior to massaging*

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Please click the box below for the Canine Massage Forms

Purpose of Canine Massage:

  • Improve elasticity, range of motion, and circulation.

  • Relieve pain and loosen up tension.

  • Injury prevention and recovery

  • Improve pup's health emotionally and physically.

How Massage is Performed:

  • Using Swedish techniques

  • Therapist develops an empathetic relationship with your pup, and pays attention to all feedback your pup gives

  • Respect is given to their sensitivities

  • Therapist is careful with their extremities such as ears, whiskers, tail, and fur.

  • No lotions, creams, or oils are used.

  • A safe, calm, and comfortable working environment are created

  • Therapist conducts herself in a professional and ethical manner


Additional Things To Know:

  • Your pup will usually let you know whether they agree with your decision of a practitioner and the treatment being provided. If your pet is happy, you know you made the right decision.

  • Your pup might not reveal results in the first session. The body goes through several changes physiologically as well as involuntarily.

  • The nervous, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune systems can all be affected. Massage will help relax these systems and relieve pain, but some of the physiological changes may take longer to be revealed in some dogs compared to others.

  • Massage is not only for emotionally sound dogs, but it can also help comfort a recently adopted rescue animal that had been feeling lonely, neglected, or abused. We know that psychological health is correlated with physical health.

  • Stress is a common factor that allows illness and disease to encroach on a pup when their immune system is unable to defend itself from bacteria and viruses. Massage helps the body feel balanced and rejuvenated, by working on both physical and mental components. Even if a pup doesn't seem to be imbalanced, sometimes it takes a massage to find out that they actually weren't necessarily psychologically sound.

  • By improving physiological issues, the psychological aspect will benefit as well. For the pups that need pain reduced, when they begin to have better range of motion and strength, they will feel rejuvenated. Having energy return is a sign of a healthier pup, and this health can cause such happiness to a pup.

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Canine Massage Therapy
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