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Who Benefits from Canine Massage Therapy

Massage can used used for young and old pups, those that are newly adopted/rescued, waiting to be adopted, pups in competition (such as agility, herding, etc.), for performance pups (police K9, search and rescue, etc.), for rehabilitation purposes, or for relaxation and therapeutic reasons.


Young Ones – Massage can help with muscle movement, increase range of motion, prevent muscle atrophy, and prevent conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, herniated disks, torn cruciate ligaments, and several more. They will maintain a healthy body and have increased immune strength. For those that need energy, massage in combination with colour therapy can help provide that, and for those who may need a more calming effect, massage can also help with that.


Seniors – Massage can help with muscle movement, increase range of motion, reverse muscle atrophy caused by inactivity of muscles, and relieve chronic pain and discomfort of arthritis and hip dysplasia. Their aging body can be strengthened through massage, they will experience more pain relief from stiff muscles and joint pain with the increased blood flow from massage, and their immune system and digestion will improve. Massage will increase their relaxation as well as calm them emotionally.


Newly Adopted or Shelter Pups – The transition from one location to another can be a stressful experience for an animal, and especially when that new environment is quite different than their old one. Massage can benefit a new furry addition to the family, or one waiting to be adopted by increasing their relaxation and decreasing their blood pressure. Massage can help build a pup's trust by enhancing the human-animal bond and creating a positive relationship between human and dog. For those pups that may be fearful of human touch, massage can teach them to become accustomed to that sensitivity, and grow fond of it, instead of fear it. There will be improved skin and coat quality, increased blood flow to help alleviate physical and emotion pain, and improved immune system. A more positive demeanor is likely to occur from massage as well. For a pup needing to be adopted and in the frightening transition between shelter and new home, massage can help that dog feel less stressed, have less anxiety, feel less depressed and less bored. If a shelter pup feels more like itself, it is more likely to be adopted. If a newly adopted pet feels comfortable and safe, it is more likely to cause a smooth transition into their new family.


Pups Needing Rehabilitation – Massage not only reduces recovery time, it also builds healthy scar tissue, promotes natural healing, and alleviates pain. The body can become strengthened with reduced inflammation and an improved immune system.


Competition and Performance Pups – These pups benefit from massage with a decreased risk of injury, decreased inflammation, reduced recovery time between events, and increased performance when their muscles have been warmed for improved strength, memory, flexibility, movement and balance. Massage enhances blood flow and oxygenation of blood, as well as increases relaxation of muscles. For these pups, massage used before and after their events is beneficial.


Pups Needing Maintenance and Therapeutics – For the pups that may not necessarily fit into the other categories, massage can still benefit them. Massage can prevent injury, reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression. Massage improves the immune system, blood and lymph circulation, digestion, body strength, muscle efficiency, flexibility, muscle tone, range of motion, skin and coat quality, relaxation, as well as physical and psychological wellness.


A Pup's Human Family – The animal-human bond is an important one also. Not only do animals bring joy to our lives, but we also can bring joy to theirs. It is a great responsibility to make sure a pet's basic needs of environmental, nutritional, maintenance, and behavioural are met and if they are not, it can cause negative physical and psychological effects on that pup. A pup is not a right for one to own, but a privilege to have, and a way to help a pup is to provide them with massage. If you choose to massage your own pup, using the proper techniques that a certified canine massage therapist can show you, not only will you build trust, but you learn to understand each other better, therefore increasing that loving relationship and strengthening that bond also. If you have us massage your pup, they will thank you for getting them massaged, and you will thank yourself for it in reduced vet bills for the future, as well as for having a happy and healthy pup.

Areas that Benefit from Massage:

- Adipose (fat) Tissue

- Bones and Joints

- Brain (emotionally / psychologically)

- Heart

- Lungs

- Muscles

- Nerves

- Skin

- Veins and Arteries

Young and old dogs can benefit from canine massage
Canine Massage Therapy ca help those in agility or performing pups
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